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Friends of the Park




Welcome to our new Putnam Parks and Pathways Volunteer Program! We are excited to invite you to join us in preserving, activating, and enhancing the beautiful outdoor recreation areas that Putnam County has to offer. This program offers an easy-to-navigate portal that we will use to compile local volunteer opportunities. All you have to do is follow the instructions below, make your account, and choose what you want to help with.


To get started with our new volunteer program simply click the “Register for Our Volunteer Program” button above and click the “Sign Up for this Organization” button near the top right of the page. After signing up, you can access the volunteer portal anytime that you want to browse upcoming volunteer opportunities! For any questions regarding the Volunteer Program, Volunteer Portal, or upcoming opportunities please feel free to reach out using the “Contact Manager” button on the Volunteer Portal or the contact information found at the bottom of this page.


Our goal is to build a strong network of volunteers that will be able to help with outdoor recreation events, developments, and projects all across Putnam County. We do this by compiling local volunteer opportunities into a single location, providing support to hosting organizations, and communicating with volunteers to fit everyone’s best need.


Our available Volunteer Opportunities can be found in the window to the right or through the Volunteer Portal. Each Opportunity consists of Shifts that define what times and activities, such as tree planting or race marking, organizations may need volunteers for. 

It’s easy to get involved! After signing up for our organization all you have to do is go to your volunteer portal, find “Putnam Parks and Pathways” under your Organizations, and click on the Opportunities that you want more information about. The bottom of each Opportunity page will have a preview of available shifts, their descriptions and responsibilities, and their times. Some shifts may have additional questions or qualifications as relevant.

Want to help but don’t see anything that fits your schedule? Reach out to us! We’re more than happy to help volunteers find solutions that meet their interests and schedules. You can use the “Contact Manager” button of our Volunteer Portal or use the contact information at the bottom of the page.


Does your organization need volunteers? Get in touch with us! We are happy to promote volunteer opportunities related to outdoor events, development of outdoor recreation spaces, plantings, nature walks/hikes, and more! All submissions will be reviewed by our Volunteer Committee.

Friends of the Park of Putnam County

Other Ways to Get Involved

Jessica Hartman - Friends of the Park

Join with a Group

Whether you’re with an organization, a family, or just a group of friends, we’ve got you covered! Our group registration makes it easy to manage multiple volunteer accounts under one email. Groups may also register several volunteers to a single Opportunity or Shift, making bulk registration easy. To register your group please contact us directly using the button below.


No time to volunteer? Our parent organization, Friends of the Park, is always in need of support! Friends of the Park is a membership-based fundraising organization that has produced astounding results in supporting the development of outdoor recreation in Putnam County. For more information about Friends of the Park, their success, and how to become a member please follow the link below.

Jessica Hartman - Friends of the Park

Join our Committee

We are always looking for similarly passionate people to join our cause! Consider joining our Volunteer Committee for a chance to become more hands on with our volunteer efforts. A committee position would allow you to have a hand in planning new volunteer projects, coordinating volunteer groups, and deciding how we employ our best efforts to support the community. Please reach out to us directly if you are interested in joining!