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Friends of the Park

The three C’s of fundraising – capacity, commitment and connection – are a different way of explaining the three T’s of fundraising – treasure, time and talent. Friends of the Park members demonstrate all six and, through their generosity, allow the Putnam Parks & Pathways volunteer board to pursue the goals of the county’s five-year outdoor recreation master plan.

One hundred percent of membership, and gifts over and above membership, goes toward accomplishing the goals of the master plan. Members with buy-in are critical to success because members’ financial support is the only thing that allows the county to buy more land for trails, develop that land into trails, plan for new parks, and develop those parks. Members, the county truly thanks you for your support of the increased quality of life you fund.

In a county of nearly 40,000 residents, this year’s Friends of the Park 300-member goal should be easily attainable. Regardless of where you live, individuals can join in 2024 for $35. Families can join for $60. Gifts over and above membership go to endowment and again this year are matched $1-for-$1, doubling all gifts.

If you are thinking of becoming a Friends of the Park member, click below and join today. Support the development of more outdoor recreation venues, events and programs in Putnam County, and experience what your generosity creates by enjoying what you make possible. This website includes an events section, and a volunteer section, making it easy to regularly get outdoors AND get involved. Thank you for being part of the team. We look forward to seeing you!


Business owners are called on for so much support that we want to single them out and encourage you to SUPPORT THEM as one way to thank them for making life in Putnam County better because of their gift to Friends of the Park.

  • Friends of the Park

#902 WalMart Supercenter, Jeremy O’Leary, Greencastle

A.A. Huber & Sons, Inc., Gayla Dearinger, Greencastle

Brad Tucker State Farm Insurance, Brad Tucker, Greencastle

Cash Concrete Products, Tim Cash, Greencastle

Estep & Co., Inc., Stella & George Estep, Columbus

F.C. Tucker Advantage Realtors, Chris Skillern, Greencastle

Just R Time Construction, Wendy & Michael Rogers, North Salem

McDonald’s Enterprises, Tim & Paul Jedele, Greencastle

North Salem State Bank, Matt Howrey, North Salem

Prime Real Estate Group, Eric Wolfe, Greencastle

Putnam County Board of Realtors, Diane Ummel, Greencastle

Putnam County Comprehensive Services, Heather Milbourn & Brian Cook, Greencastle

Putnamville Correctional Facility, Katie Sapp & Dushan Zatecky, Putnamville

Wabash Valley Goodwill Industries, Inc., Meredith Osburn, Terre Haute



Joy & Bill Marley, Greencastle


Jackie & Joe Baumann, Greencastle


Barbara Boese, Greencastle

Narda & Page Cotton, Greencastle

Kathy & Rick Deer, Greencastle

Ben Fox, Reelsville

Beth & Eric Freeman, Noblesville

Jeanette & Mark Hammer, Greencastle

Jessica & Manuel Hartman, Greencastle

Beth Haymaker, Greencastle

Dr. Robert Heavin, Bainbridge

Emily & Dennis Knuth, Greencastle

Susan & Gary Lemon, Greencastle

Tracy Menzel & Kevin Verhoff, Greencastle

Pat & John Ness, Greencastle

Marc O’Leary, Plainfield

Dale Oliver, Greencastle

Tamara Stasik, Greencastle

Julie & Gary Stevens, Greencastle

Lee Stewart, Cloverdale

Dr. Lori White, Greencastle


Vincent Aguirre, Greencastle

Bernard Batto, Greencastle

Derek Chastain, Greencastle

Kathryn & Bill Dory, Greencastle

Meredith Dowling & Michael Lemon, Asheville, NC

Dana Dudle, Greencastle

Anna Harmless & Chris Torrence, Greencastle

Carol & Tom Emery, Greencastle

Gail & John Garner, Greencastle

Judy George, Greencastle

Amelia Getz, Kokomo

Tom Graffis, Greencastle

Alice & Dave Greenburg, Greencastle

Karen & Matt Headley, Greencastle

Barbara Jackson, Greencastle

Jamie & Robert Jedele, Greencastle

Allison Leer, Greencastle

Beth & Mark Lemon, Vienna, VA

Greg Midgley, Plainfield

Sue & Dave Murray, Greencastle

Grant Niemeyer, Avon

Jeane & Jason Pope, Greencastle

Pam Propsom, Greencastle

Judi & David Purvis, Greencastle

Linda & Steve Raines, Greencastle

Ruth & Lane Ralph, Greencastle

Rita Schendel, Greencastle

Laura & Steve Short, Greencastle

Tom Silvey, Greencastle

Carol Smith, Fillmore

Darrel Thomas, Greencastle

Nancy Thomas, Greencastle

Edith & Ralph Welliver, Berryville, VA

Mary & Alan Zerkel, Coatesville


Mackenzie Anders, Greencastle

Brooke & Brian Cox, Greencastle

John Mark Day, Greencastle

Ellen & John Dittmer, Greencastle

Ken Eitel, Greencastle

Cathryn & Jim Ensley, Greencastle

Bethany Fiechter, Greencastle

Susan & Phil Gick, Greencastle

Stacey Hartman, Fillmore

Amy Howard, Greencastle

Rebecca Hunsinger, Greencastle

Ella Ingram, Greencastle

Kate Lezotte, Greencastle

Carolyn Mann, Cloverdale

Marion McInnes, Greencastle

Laura Monnett, Greencastle

Danielle & Matt Owens, Greencastle

Charity Pankratz, Greencastle

Malcolm Romine, Greencastle

Greg Schwipps, Greencastle

Tara Smith, Bainbridge

Ashley Wells, Coatesville

Kristen Fuhs Wells, Greencastle

Rod Wilson, Bainbridge

Valarie Ziegler & Bill Nunn, Greencastle


Patricia Baldwin, Bainbridge

Marcia & Dale Barker, Greencastle

Sharyl Berry, Greencastle

Jinsie Bingham, Greencastle

Dede & Terry Black, Greencastle

Anna & Larry Bowman, Greencastle

Tammy Brothers, Cloverdale

Valerie Buchanan, Greencastle

Sara Campfield, Greencastle

Sherry & Ron Cash, Greencastle

Alexandra Chamberlain, Greencastle

Holly Cook, Roachdale

Brittney, Jade & Drew Cooper, Greencastle

Jody Crum, Greencastle

Marilyn Culler, Greencastle

Tiffany Deer, Greencastle

Ann Dever, Greencastle

Bob Evans, Greencastle

Stu Fabe, Greencastle

Elizabeth & John Fajt, Greencastle

Joe Ferguson, Greencastle

Trudy & Michael Goodpaster, Fillmore

Jan & Daryl Hodges, Greencastle

Kara Holmes, Greencastle

Patricia Hoopengarner, Greencastle

Tammy Hunter, Greencastle

Kate Knaul, Greencastle

Stacie & Rick Langdon, Greencastle

Jack Lawson, Danville

Judith Magyar, Greencastle

Sue McCune, Greencastle

Kathy Morgan, Cloverdale

Kit Newkirk, Greencastle

Town Oh, Greencastle

Lisa & Rick Olson, Coatesville

Martha Opdahl, Greencastle

Linda Patrick, Greencastle

Veronica Pejril, Greencastle

Martha Rainbolt & Carl Huffman, Greencastle

Matt Rees, Greencastle

Mike Richmond, Terre Haute

Phyllis Rokicki, Greencastle

Greg Ruark, Greencastle

Jerome Rud, Greencastle

John Schlotterbeck, Greencastle

Ginger & JR Scott, Greencastle

Sally Sunkel, Greencastle

Amy & Riley Tharp, Coatesville

Vicki Timm & Stephen Aker, Reelsville

Lynne Tweedie & Chris Wurster, Greencastle

Darrell Wiatt, Russellville

Deb & Greg Williams, Cloverdale

Mary & Don Williams, Fillmore

Chris Wolfe, Greencastle

Katie & Mark Wood, Greencastle

Jim Woody, Greencastle

Heather Wright, Greencastle

Char & Pete Yarima, Reelsville

Jean & Leland Zellers, Greencastle

Nola & Scott Zimmerman, Greencastle