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Leverage your personal connections, email lists, and social media channels during the “Friend of a Friend” fundraising campaign. Putnam Parks is asking its stakeholders for help, not financially, but in a unique peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. Your donations and contributions throughout the year have not gone unnoticed and are truly appreciated. Now, we ask that you assist the organization with a little bit of your time and effort as opposed of your bank account. 

Beginning on November 14, our “Friend of a Friend” campaign will last until November 28, Giving Tuesday. Before the launch of the campaign, we would ask you to visit this link: https://goputnam.com and follow the instructions to create a fundraising profile. Throughout the 2-week timeframe,  your profile will act as your “home base” for your personal fundraising efforts. Share links via Facebook, speak with people directly, or send them an email with the information listed. However you would like to approach this, please make yourself feel comfortable.

Our organization will be using software from the company “Give Lively,” which is obtainable for free through their website. An overall goal of $15,000 has been set for the organization, based on the remaining unmatched funds that were gifted in 2023 by the Putnam County Visitors Bureau.

You set your own personal fundraising goal when you establish your profile, there are no requirements for this goal, it could be $100 or $5000, it is up to your dedication and time. Give Lively will track all donations, keep a record of donors, and update your goal with each contribution. A small competition portion of this campaign will display which “Stakeholder” has obtained the most contributions, which Putnam Parks will be tracking as well. If you are interested, please click the link below to register or continue scrolling for additional information.


A combination of unmatched donation potential and an ever-expanding range of potential future projects. These items on their own are reason enough to generate additional funding throughout the year, put them together and the need is growing large. Additionally, by leveraging our current members’ networks, we can tap previously untapped resources, people, and projects that will help us succeed in the long term. Click the link below for a recap of our Accomplishments through 2023.

Friends of the Park


Friends of the Park

Joining the “Friend of a Friend” campaign will require some dedicated time and effort from our stakeholders, but we are confident that the impact of this peer-to-peer campaign will far outweigh the work that it will require. Listed below are the links and actions required to get started:

  1. Visit Give Lively and create a profile: LINK. Once you are done with your profile, you will receive an email confirmation.
  2. Setup your fundraising profile. Putnam Parks will provide the basic framework for this mini-webpage. You have the option to upload a photo and describe why you are helping.
  3. Share your story. Using the downloadable resources we have listed at the bottom of this page, share your unique URL via social media or email with your network.

We are happy to help in any way that we can. We understand that with an inaugural program, there will be challenges and unforeseen issues. Please, reach out to our Staff and speak with them directly by emailing, [email protected].

2023 Accomplishments - Friends of the Park of Putnam County, Indiana


“Friend of a Friend” is designed to accomplish two goals, one is to raise additional funding for our organization’s goals and the other is to raise the number of members within the organization. As your friends and family make donations, we will grant them an “Honorary Membership” for the year of 2024. Every contribution worth $25 or more will receive a membership magnet, be placed on our monthly newsletter list, and gain an invitation to the Annual Meeting at Houck Covered Bridge in September.


Creating a profile, learning new software, and distributing information to your friends and family. We understand this is a big task and a large ask from our organization. Therefore, we’ve created some basic templates and informational sources for you to use. These are crafted to suit our campaign and designed to be copied and pasted so that you can accomplish the goals in the quickest and easiest manner. Now, if you would like to craft your own message about why you joined Putnam Parks or what outdoor recreation means to you, please feel free. We would encourage that, but for those who don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing, please click the links below to download PDF files, or browse the photographs and download any or all of them. 

Friends of the Park


Pedal Putnam

Cagle Mills Lake & Cataract Falls