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Putnam County Mural Project

The Putnam County Mural Project (PCMP) is a volunteer team of arts, education, tourism, business, and nonprofit professionals who believe in the value of art as a way to increase quality of life. In 2022, it added five murals to the county’s collection – one in Fillmore, two in Roachdale and two in Greencastle. 

Following up on a years-long mural series guided by the Greencastle Civic League, the PCMP’s first project, in 2019, became Indiana’s largest mural on four grain silos on the south side of Greencastle. A focus on creative placemaking and meaningful arts-engagement resulted in a project that received both state and national attention.

For close to a century, four concrete grain silos unofficially represented the agricultural roots of Putnam County. Growing out of the ground along the primary east/west railroad line through the county seat, the four pillars served as storage for the feed store that still operates in their shadow.

As times changed, the railroad transitioned to a highway, and the silos became prominent landmarks at one of Greencastle’s busiest intersections. No longer used, and in some disrepair, the four became a canvas to reflect the more-than-“agri” culture of today’s Putnam County.

Jumping back one decade, Greencastle received Indiana’s first multi-million-dollar Stellar Communities grant in 2011, focusing the resources on reactivating the area around the Putnam County Courthouse Square and creating “Communiversity” with DePauw University, as the school’s president described it.

To continue the accomplishments of that effort, and to extend it beyond downtown, more than $60,000 was raised to wash, scrape, prime, and hire a mural artist with an international reputation to turn the four silo canvases into a reflection of past and present life in Putnam County.

Putnam County Mural Project
Putnam County Mural Project
Putnam County Mural Project

If you are interested in joining the Putnam County Mural Project, would like to provide feedback or input, or have any particular questions, please contact the Putnam County Mural Project at: [email protected]